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Hi Teresa,

I didn't forget about you now that we have our handsome little Winston.  I just want to tell you how happy we are with him, we have totally enjoyed him from the time we picked him up.  He was just perfect in the car on our long trip home.  He sniffed around the yard and all over the house and then we put the crate we brought him home in into our bedroom and he went right in and slept through the night and no accidents.  We brought him outside for his potty break and he has been just wonderful, we really love him.

My husband gives him more attention than he  gave his children, so he really is enjoying him.  We have him training and he is really doing so good with the training.  The trainer loves him also, she really enjoys him.  He is extremely sociable and loves seeing our neighbor dogs and also the children in our area.  He loves being outside but also loves his inside environment.

Teresa, we are so happy we located you for our Winston, he is perfect for us.  I will send you some pictures, he is really growing.  He already has had his vet appointment and he is a very healthy puppy and he has another appointment next week.  I'll keep you posted on his progress.  Take care and enjoy your summer. I'll keep in touch.

Amelia & John
Dear Ms. Smith,

I am sorry I have not contacted you sooner, but I wanted you to know how happy we are with the puppy we purchased from you 4 years ago. 

We named him Murphy, and he is a very happy and healthy dog now.  His disposition is what everyone says is "happy" and he is a cuddler and quite a baby of our family.  Out vet mentioned  many times that his lines, coloring and overall body are top notch.

Thank you again for breeding such good quality dogs and please be assured that he is well taken care of and loved very much.


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