Walnut Ridge
Kennel LLC

Welsh Terriers, Sealyham Terriers, and Airedale Terriers.


Walnut Ridge Kennel

Walnut Ridge Kennel is located in the heart of Southern Indiana, in a small town called Salem. We live on a farm and have always enjoyed, just about every kind of animals over the years. I’ve lived here all my life and have been raising Terriers for 31+ years.

It has always been a family affair in our dog breeding program. Everyone chips in to help! Whether it’s cleaning, nurturing or just playing with the puppies to help properly socialize them.

Exclusive Pedigrees

Our Services

We hold great pride in our dedicated breeding program, centered solely around Welsh, Sealyham, and Airedale Terriers. These exceptional canines are renowned for their intelligence, exceptional trainability, and adaptability. Our goal is to produce dogs with outstanding temperament, spirited nature, and an unwavering eagerness to please.

These are very intelligent, and highly trainable dogs, (but stubborn at times) whether it be in obedience or agility. They do demand a lot of attention. My dogs are bred for an excellent temperament, they are very spirited, with an overwhelming desire to please.

They can be very avid hunters in the right situations.

Puppies are sent home with a collar, a new toy and a blanket with the mothers or siblings scent on it.

Our Puppies

We provide lifetime support for puppies! We will always take any of our puppies back and rehome them if the need ever arises. Our puppies are all provided a written 2 year health guarantee against genetic defects, in the event something should arise that would shorten the lifespan of the puppy, we would replace the puppy.